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Dental Fillings Patient – Michelle

“The problem I had before the treatment was that I could feel with my tongue that there was a crack in the filling that I previously had at a different dentist, so I came here explaining that I could feel the crack with my tongue and the dentist removed the filling and redid it and I’ve never had any problems since.

The dentist is really nice that treated me. I’ve had 2 actually, I’ve had one that did my filling and my checkups and the second one, the Hygienist, both of them have been really lovely and explained the procedure as they’ve been doing it.

So, the overall treatment here at Middleton Bank Dental has been really good. From walking in, been seen on time, the staff are really friendly.

I’ve had my checkups, explained that I had a problem and then I managed to get an appointment really quickly to be able to have that fixed and then they recommended that I saw a Hygienist so on the back of having my filling, I saw the Hygienist. She was again really friendly and explained everything that was going to happen, had my teeth cleaned and came out with fresh teeth and it was really good.

The benefits to having the treatment is that I used to be able to constantly feel that I had a cracked filling in my mouth and it was quite irritating always feeling it with my tongue so since coming in I haven’t had any of those problems.

My advice to someone who is thinking of having treatment here is just do it, there’s nothing to be scared of at the dentist and everyone here is really nice. I know the dentist can be a little bit unnerving for some people but the staff here make you feel really comfortable.

I would recommend the practice to others, it’s really convenient, its clean, its friendly, its everything you really want from a practice.”