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Smile Makeovers

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Before And After Photos

Removal of old work – combination of crowns and composite bonding to brighten smile.

Combination of veneers and composite bonding to remove chips and greyish smile.

Airflow stain removal, white fills 2 front teeth.

This patient was not happy with her old discoloured veneers so we replaced them with new better matching veneers creating a natural looking smile.

This patient was not happy with her front lower tooth, with a small amount of aligners, the patient was happy with the well aligned teeth.

Invisalign by Dr Fazil Rahmani for a lower out of place front tooth.

This patient suffered with extensive decay on his front teeth, Dr Rahmani removed all decay pain free and fixed the teeth with composite material creating a much healthier, brighter smile.

Implant for a missing upper right 5 transforming the patient smile.

This patient was not happy with the aesthetic of her lower teeth and decided to have Invisalign with Dr Rahmani, followed by boutique teeth whitening to complete the transformation.

This patient was missing many of his front teeth affecting the aesthetics and functionality of his smile, Dr Ammar replaced his missing teeth with bridges to create a new smile for the patient.

This patient had dentures made by Dr Ammar replacing his right side teeth, followed by a composite filling to fix the chip to complete his smile makeover.

This patient had a darker front tooth which was brightened by using composite bonding. .

This patient was not happy with the chip on their front tooth. Dr Mikhael fixed the chip using composite.

This patient whitening their teeth and Dr Ammar placed composite bonding creating a new smile for the patient.

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