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General Dentistry Patient - Michael's Success Story

“I would recommend it to my family and my friends because like me, my family really care about their teeth and I do think this place is really good and I love how the receptionist was so nice to me. She was able to get me an appointment really quickly, maybe in the next week and I also love the fact that my new dentist is a really nice person and he’s shown me that I can have trust in him and I know myself that I do have healthy teeth.”

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Fillings Patient - Michelle's Success Story

My advice to someone who is thinking of having treatment here is just do it, there’s nothing to be scared of at the dentist and everyone here is really nice. I know the dentist can be a little bit unnerving for some people but the staff here make you feel really comfortable. I would recommend the practice to others, it’s really convenient, its clean, its friendly, its everything you really want from a practice.”